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The revival of the breeding


Definition of the horse of Kyrgyz type
The crossings carried out by the Muscovite zootechnicians, since 1930, with horses of Russian and European origin (Orlov, horse of Don, English thorough-bred) did not save any Kyrgyz horse, even in the areas of high mountain where many stockbreeders fought to try to preserve the stocks of their ancestral horse
An important factor, which largely contributed to the safeguarding of the principal characteristics of the Kyrgyz horse, is the life in semi-freedom on the high pastures, under all the climates, as well as the use which is made by it under saddle (guarding of the herds, transhumance, displacements on long distances, etc).
The horses which one can describe today as Kyrgyz type are those which preserved the principal morphological, physiological and behavioral charactersof the Kyrgyz horse, such as they were defined by the zootechnicians from the beginning of the XX century.
The Kyrgyz type is thus obvious, but several years of a work of selection are necessary to again fix the whole characteristics suitable for the Kyrgyz horse.

Kyrgyz stallion
Les chevaux et l'organisation des services publics de voitures en Russie, Georges Deniau,
Imprimerie S. Lejay & Cie (Paris - 1889) ; pages 26 and 27.
Program : breeding of the horse of the Kyrgyz type starts again according to three distinct fields- saddle horse (work, sport, leisure), meat, milk - on the whole kyrgyz territory, with technical support provided to the stockbreeders, informational campaigns, support of experts and development of the network of exchanges between supply and demand.
The recognition and the official publication of the standard of the horse of the Kyrgyz type must be followed by an informational campaign by means of booklets, on the whole territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.
The results of the current studies on the horse of the Kyrgyz type will be able to give tools of references and technical support to the Kyrgyz stockbreeders and to the institutions concerned.
The revival of the breeding of the horse of the Kyrgyz type, just as the selection of the products of this breeding, requires constant support by the races on long distances and in ground varied (sport of endurance). From where is needed to multiplyi this type of sport event at the local, regional and national level.
The rise of the breeding of the horse of the Kyrgyz type, based on a selection of the horses according to the established standard, and on the sport performances (races of endurance, on long distance and in varied ground), will have to be accompanied by the opening of an official register where will be consigned the approved stallions and mares.
A financial support for the stockbreeders of horses of the Kyrgyz type will be able to make it possible at the same time to preserve the existing stocks, to select the livestock products and to support the communication between supply and demand, on the whole kyrgyz territory like abroad.
Importance of the races in the revival of the breeding of the horse of the Kyrgyz type
From the higher Antiquity until the beginning of the XX century, the Kyrgyz, just as the majority of the nomadic people, organized horse-races at the time of the festivals celebrating the stages of the life - birth, wedding, funeral, arrival of a host of mark. These festivities were at the same time rejoicing and tool for selection of best mountings of war, work, hunting and play.
Qualities of resistance and endurance of the horse of the Kyrgyz type, like its faculties of recovery, make it an excellent horse, particularly powerful in the sport discipline of the equestrian endurance, practised in many countries of the world - discipline which should be registered with the Olympic Games 2008.
The practice of this sporting discipline, adapted particularly to the knowledge and traditions of the Kyrgyz, requires a specific training which will have to be accompanied by the technical support of foreign institutions, private and/or public.
Program: to develop the races on long distance and in mountainous ground, knowing that the races “marathon” are the principal engine of the revival of the breeding of the saddle horses.