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a) Format



Thoracic perimeter Perimeter of the gun
Mini 137 cm 131 cm 155 cm 18.5 cm
Maxi 149 cm 143 cm 169 cm 20 cm
Evrage 145 cm 139 cm 164 cm 19 cm

b) Morphology

The head: rather short, slightly convex profile, small and mobile ears, small eyes and very mobiles.
The neck: broad and quite muscular.
The breast: enough broad and quite muscular.
The back: broad and flat, short and strong.
Coasts: long and well arched, opened, broad, deep and well descended chest.
The croup: inclined, broad and quite muscular, the basin oblique, opened hip, the tail attached low.
The shoulder: short, straight.
The thigh: short and tilted, gone down well and muscular.
Members: strong, with dry tendons.

dry, with the horn hard and very solid.


c) General aspect
The horse of the Kyrgyz type has a solid skeleton, the line of top is flexible, broad and quite muscular, the members are strong, well developed and well attached well, and the feet are very good.
d) Locomotor apparatus and rays
The robustness of the articulations of the horse of the Kyrgyz type, as well as the solidity of its tendons, developed and well attached, constitute an essential factor of longevity and good locomotion.
The rather short, right and open shoulder facilitates more the gesture of the front legs thnt the amplitude of the tread.
The slope of the basin, the opening of the hip as well as the short and tilted femur support tonicity, balance and the agility of the paces rather than their amplitude.
The force of the line of top as well as the musculature of the members allow a good propulsion.
e) Other characteristics
The colors are numerous and varied, simple and composed, the more current colors being the bay, the chestnu, the rouan, the aub?re, the gray and the Isabelle.
The tendons are firm, dry and solid, not very favourable to the soft tares.
The skin is rather thick, the hairs are abundant, thick and very long.
f) Paces
The horse of the Kyrgyz type has four basic paces ; the walk, the trot, the pace and the gallop. The four paces are balanced, active and frank, the gesture is not large, the tread is not very wide, the swinging of the neck is important.
The conformation of the horse of the Kyrgyz type facilitates the agility of the gesture rather than the amplitude of the tread, therefore a great ease and a natural skill in rough ground and in high mountain, rather than a capacity for speed.