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The rehabilitation of the horse of the kyrgyz type fits not only in the field of the breeding, but also in the fields of the culture, sport, tourismand more particularly of the ecotourism.

The aim pursued in the long term is to give again to the kyrgyz horse a place and a role in the Kirgiz culture and the national economy.
1 - Breeding

  • The recognition and the official publication of the standard of the horse of the Kyrgyz type were followed, in 2006, with an information campaign in Kyrgyz Republic, Tajik Republic and adroad.
  • The results of the studies and the work of ground, since 2001, allowed to create tools of references at ends of technical support to the kyrgyz stockbreeders and to the institutions concerned.
  • The revival of the breeding of the horse of the Kyrgyz type, as well as the selection of the products of this breeding, requires to be supported both by a technical support and by the races on long distances and in ground varied (sport named « endurance »).
  • The rise of the breeding of the horse of the Kyrgyz type, based on a selection of the horses according to the established standard, as well as on the sporting performances (long distance raceson long distance and on varied ground), is accompanied since 2006 of a register of breeding where are listed all the horses of the type.
  • The installation of a financial support for the stockbreeders of horses of the Kyrgyz type should be able to make it possible at the same time to preserve the existing stocks, to select the livestock products and to support the communication between supply and demand, in the Kyrgyz repulbic as in foreingn countries.
  • The first breeding dedicated exclusively to the Kirghiz horse was born in Pamir in May, 2011, in region of Murgab in Tajikistan. So, in 2011, the first register of breeding of the Kirghiz horse was created as well as the genealogical book based on 3 reproductive Kirghiz stallions and 3 brood mares.

2 - Ecotourism and tourism

  • Knowing that the natural beauties and the cultural richnesses are among the major assets of the mountainous regions of the Tian Shan and Pamir, the importance of the use of the horse of the Kyrgyz type is to consider in the current rise of the ecotourism.
  • Physical and mental qualities of the Kyrgyz horse answer not only to the requirements of the experimented rider, but also of those of the tourist who love the great natural spaces.
  • In general, the tourists appreciate to find the mountings flexible and adapted to their capacities, which enable them to survey great natural spaces, to discover nomad culture and traditions, and to live at the rhythm of the local populations.
  • The horse-races on long distance, registered with the program of national and local festivals which celebrate the history or the national folklore, are a factor of development of tourism.
  • With the image of the great festival of Naadam in Mongolia, the festival At Chabysh renewed each year since 2005 can enjoy the favours of a very large audience and to attract the visitors, the photographers and the journalists of the whole world.

3 - Sport

  • Qualities of resistance and endurance of the horse of the Kyrgyz type, like its faculties of recovery, make of it an excellent horse for races, particularly powerful in the sport named « endurance », which is henceforth practised in many countries of the world.
  • The practice of this sport discipline, well adapted to knowledge and the traditions of the Kyrgyz, requires a specific drive which will have to be accompanied by the technical support of foreign institutions, private and/or public.

4 - Culture

  • Fine Arts: following the exhibitions which proceeded during the festival At Chabysh 2005, where forty artists and art galleries joined together, it'is necessary to multiply the exhibitions and to give a support to the painters, sculptors, ceramists and other artists who wish to give back to the Kyrgyz horse an honorific place.
  • Ethnic music : the revival and the promotion of the repertory of the "Kirghiz Music in the glory of the horse" was the object of a project developed for 4 years by the Foundation "Kyrgyz Ate". A DVD accompanied with a book, including 33 titles (melodies and songs) results from it, which was published the end of 2010 then distributed in the cultural places as well as to the musicians and to the music schools. Besides, the cultural events and the concerts which take place on the occasion of the horse-races of Kirghiz type, as well as the development of the tourism, participate in the revival, in the recognition and in the valuation of the Kirghiz ethnic music.
  • Handicrafts: the rehabilitation of the Kyrgyz horse, the revival of the races and the development of the ecotourism play a dominating part in the current revival of saddlery, weaving, production and work of the felt, embroideries…A program of the foundation "Kyrgyz Ate" is dedicated to this domain of handicrafts, in the regions of Pamir Ala? (Kirghizstan) and Oriental Pamir (Tajikistan).