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The Kyrgyz horse, which contributed a so long time to the construction of the kyrgyz civilization, was famous for its exceptional qualities as, still today, testify the texts of Ancient time, the accounts of the explorers, the epopee and the songs. Its capacities of resistance, endurance and adaptation to the high mountain are the result of the natural and judicious selection that the Kyrgyz nomads carried out during centuries.
During the Soviet time, the sedentarisation, the mechanization and the urbanization signed the end of the era of the horse in the USSR. More, in Kyrgyzstan, the Moscovite zootechnicians judged good to import horses of the European type, to create by crossing, in 1956, the horse novokirghize, intended for the industry of the meat and for the races for European on hippodrom. The Kyrgyz horse was thus condemned to disappear, as well as the Kyrgyz traditions which were closely dependent of him.
Today in the Kyrgyz Republic, where nearly 60% of the population is rural, agriculture is the principal source of employment. The natural richnesses constitute a major asset for the development of eco-tourism. The food industry waits to take its rise. The sector of the craft industry develops... Thus it is urgent and important to give to the Kirghiz horse its place and its role in the social and economic development of the country.